Our Business

Grey Intelligence is a specialized risk consultancy that excels in fostering secure and informed organizations. Through a synergy of unparalleled expertise, extensive experience, and cutting-edge data and technology, we provide the acumen and intelligence necessary for decision-making. Our insights and experience play a pivotal role in mitigating various threats by empowering our clients to make informed decisions. We aid organizations in positively impacting the communities and environments they operate within.

Who we work with

Our clientele spans a diverse array of multinational businesses and government agencies from across the globe, as well as NGOs. Our commitment to corporate responsibility shapes both service delivery and business operations, reflecting our identity in how we serve clients, stakeholders, and communities.

Story of Grey Intelligence

Experts in Detecting Threats

We help you detect threats ahead of time, minimizing impact and enabling informed decisions. Combining both quantitative and qualitative approaches, we use data and technology to provide you with insightful reports.

Enhancing Security Through Intelligence and Data:

Navigating an evolving landscape requires forward-thinking risk management. Our security specialists prioritize safeguarding assets by analyzing your threats, vulnerabilities, strengths, and objectives to drive informed decisions. While we harness the power of data to tackle intricate challenges, we remain steadfast in our belief in the value of human expertise.


We offer:

  • In-depth political and security risk analysis and monitoring across countries and sectors

  • Security dashboards providing data insights by country, sector, and risk

  • Engagement with regional experts for precise insights

  • AI-driven data aggregation, integrated analytics, and a comprehensive framework for risk assessment and management

  • Customized risk analysis tailored to your company and operations

  • Training programs covering security, risk management, counterterrorism, open-source intelligence, and structured analytic techniques.